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Written by: Maleeha Sheikh, Director of Communications and Public Relations

My purpose in life is to help as many people as possible and people who are falling through the cracks in the medical system. - Dr. Adeel Khan

“It is an all-star lineup. We don’t just have the influencers, the Dave Aspreys, the Ben
Greenfields. We also have the scientists who are doing the work and trying to innovate on the ground level. And the real world practitioners who are out there working with some of the top athletes or people with complex health problems,” says Dr. Adeel Khan onstage at the Unlock Longevity conference in Austin, TX on Feb. 24.

Dr. Khan envisioned an event that would bring some of the biggest names in the anti-aging/longevity space together on one stage. And if you speak to the 425 attendees (a sold out audience) at the JW Marriott Austin, they would tell you he succeeded.

Dr. Khan doesn’t look like your typical doctor. Firstly, he’s a lot younger than you would imagine considering his global success and… he lifts.

He gets on stage in his tailored green suit and begins to talk about what he’s most passionate about – creating a regenerative medicine company to bridge gaps in the global medical system: Eterna Health.

“It’s not just treating depression and PTSD. It’s not just giving a pill to fix that chemical imbalance. It’s about figuring out how the body is intertwined and what caused that in the first place and is there something we can do to reprogram the body so it can heal itself.” says Dr. Khan.

People hang onto every word. Many of the audience members are made up of Dr. Khan’s followers, his patients and simply people who are interested in the longevity space.

It wasn’t uncommon to see people come up to Dr. Khan in tears. They shared their stories of chronic pain, depression and pulled out dozens of charts in the hopes that he could shed some light on their personal issues at the conference.

“You are just doing things so differently. I work for Big Pharma. I know those pills just don’t work. I’ve been paid a lot of money to work in the pharmacy industry but it’s hard for me to continue that work because of what I know,” says one attendee. Her son is battling depression and is addicted to medications that she says aren’t helping him.

While Dr. Khan has gotten used to treating celebrities and professional athletes, he doesn’t forget the average person and tries his best to listen to every individual who comes his way.

“The modern environment is only going to get worse. If our regulators really cared about our health, they wouldn’t allow Skittles to be sold. We cannot rely on them to protect us. It’s upon us to empower one another and build a community of people who really want to take care of their health.” says Khan.

The event itself was put together in less than six months. Yet many
attendees commented on how organized and informative it was. It was very different from your typical medical conference due to the wide range of speakers and attendees who flew in from around the world.

Former CityNews Toronto Journalist Maleeha Sheikh was the emcee and kept the jam-packed schedule on track while delivering many laughs.

There were crowd favourites. Health consultant and keynote speaker Ben Greenfield looked like his eclectic self in a pair of red sweatpants and casual white T-shirt as he delivered his speech on the Six Key Principles for Life Optimization.

“What do you guys think is the number one way to keep blood glucose stabilized throughout the entire day? That’s why I’m wearing a T-shirt in this cold room. Cold!” says Greenfield.

Considered the Father of Biohacking, Dave Asprey discussed his plan to live to 180 and beyond and shared his insight on the connection between orgasm and energy for both men and women.

Important to note: It’s the first time Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield have spoken at the same event.

The Founder of The DNA Company Kashif Khan brought value to the event with his insight into genetics.

“By simply looking at that human blueprint, you have 50 trillion cells that make up this human form. Every single one has this instructional manual inside telling your cells what to do and ultimately some of those instructions are broken. When you find the broken instructions, you find the job your body just doesn’t do.” says Kashif Khan.

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition as well as keynote speaker Tom Bilyeu came out to a roaring crowd in a backwards ball cap and black sweatsuit. He shared his inspiring story of weight loss, ongoing love for Oreos but commitment to living a healthy life so he could be his best self.

“Why are you doing the thing that you know causes the pain? Is it possible that you want something other than what you are admitting?” says Bilyeu.

There was also a panel on the future of gene therapies with Minicircle founders Walter Patterson and Mac Davis moderated by Dr. Khan (left photo) as well as a panel on aging and what you can do to slow down the process with Dr. Ian White and Dr. Caroline Ganobis moderated by VP of Operations at Eterna Health Noreen Syed (middle photo). Andy O’Brien also did a talk on Unique Perspectives on HRV (right photo).

During the breaks, attendees, including high-profile guests like fitness influencer 77-year-old Joan MacDonald, longevity leader Kayla Barnes, NFL player Markus Bailey and more networked and checked out sponsor booths.

Eterna Health
Strong Coffee Company
Ophora Water
and Neufit.

In Dr. Khan’s closing remarks, he brought up his wife and daughter to the stage (his two other children were napping).

“I don’t want their generation to suffer with the same chronic illnesses that we are seeing with my generation and the generation above us. Their generation deserves better. They deserve not to have the disease burden of chronic illness.” says Dr. Khan.

The Eterna Health family is breathing a sigh of unified relief. The event was a success. A small group made it happen, which makes it all the more impressive. It was the very first and there will likely be more to come as we have been inundated with the same question: “When is the next one?

If you missed the conference, we have good news! We are currently working on putting it up online. Details coming soon.