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Meet Dr. Adeel Khan, M.D.

CEO and Founder of Eterna Health clinics 

Interventional Cell and Gene Therapy Specialist

Dr. Adeel Khan, M.D., stands at the forefront of modern medicine, with a visionary approach that is changing the way we perceive healthcare. As a Canadian Board Certified Physician, Dr. Khan has carved a unique path in the field, cementing his reputation as a regenerative medicine expert, a driven entrepreneur, and a dedicated advocate for science-based bodybuilding.

Recognized worldwide, Dr. Khan’s impact resonates among healthcare professionals, elite athletes, and individuals from diverse walks of life. His groundbreaking treatments have earned him the trust of renowned figures, including life coach Tony Robbins, Chris Bumstead (popularly known as “cbum,” a top fitness influencer), and even Mohamed Alabbar, the visionary developer behind the iconic Burj Khalifa. Dr. Khan achieves these remarkable results through innovative therapies, particularly stem cell treatments and anti-aging procedures, pushing the boundaries of medical science.

Dr. Khan’s allure extends beyond borders, as patients from across the globe seek him out. His unwavering dedication to understanding cellular physiology and the art of cellular repair has led to collaborations with scientists in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Dubai, Italy, and Japan.

Dr. Khan is the CEO and Founder of Eterna Health clinics, a medical technology company and a revolutionary concept in specialized healthcare offering unparalleled treatment options that stand out in the medical landscape.

Moreover, Dr. Khan’s active participation in international medical associations has earned him a global reputation as a highly respected regenerative medicine physician-scientist. He is keen on sharing his knowledge and inspiring others. You can find his stories of success and motivation on social media, podcasts, and even featured in upcoming health documentaries.

Dr. Khan’s grand vision reaches beyond personal success. His ultimate aspiration is to democratize regenerative medicine, making it affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life.

Dr. Khan's Designations

Dr. Adeel Khan completed his MD from the University of Ottawa in Canada.

After training in sports medicine & interventional pain, he specialized in regenerative medicine. Driven by his passion to improve health, he co-founded Xalt and is the Chief Scientific Officer of Science & Humans. He is also the chief medical officer for Minicircle, the world’s first reversible gene therapy. He has a special interest in using interventional procedures to treat weightlifting injuries, chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Khan also teaches medical students and residents, and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Toronto.

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Stem Cell Basics
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Dr. Khan's contributions to regenerative medicine

There are several approaches to regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy, regenerative pharmacology and gene therapy.

Meet Dr. Prab Bassi,M.D.

Interventional Orthobiologic and Genetic Therapy Specialist

Before entering medicine, Dr. Bassi was a researcher conducting gene therapy research to cure inherited muscular disorders. His research was foundational for the use of CRISPR/Cas9 in treating congenital muscular dystrophy.

He has published his work in world-renowned journals, such as Nature and Nature Medicine. He then chose to transition to a clinical role by pursuing medicine, so he could apply his passion for genetic and cellular therapies to directly improve the lives of his patients.

Dr. Bassi initially completed a degree in genetics from the University of Manitoba. He then completed a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto. Dr. Bassi subsequently attended Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.

While learning medicine in Detroit, he developed ultrasound diagnostic skills through physician mentors who worked alongside the Detroit Lions. He returned to his hometown to complete his residency training at the University of Toronto.

During his residency training, Dr. Bassi began his mentorship with Dr. Khan. Through this training, Dr. Bassi became an expert in the treatment of acute injuries and chronic pain with the use of orthobiologics under ultrasound guidance.

Dr. Bassi brings together skills in regenerative medicine and genetic therapies to provide acute injury care, chronic pain management, and longevity treatments for his patients

Meet Dr. David R. Smith, M.D.

Regenerative Physician, Specialist in Diagnostic Ultrasound & Musculoskeletal Cellular Treatment

Dr. Smith’s academic interests have always been complex. In his earliest years he was fascinated with understanding human behavior from a mind body perspective.

He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, with a combined degree in Biology, Psychology, and Physical Anthropology. Upon graduation, he was accepted into Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious academic honors society for university graduates.

Dr. Smith received his medical degree from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, completed an internship in Internal Medicine and a residency in Anesthesiology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Dr. Smith is an expert in interventional regenerative and cellular medicine.

Given his interests in human behavior and biological systems, Dr. Smith soon specialized in helping those with pain. He sought training in Seattle, where he completed an Astra Fellowship in Regional Anesthesia where he fine-tuned his use of nerve blocks to bring safety, comfort, and relief of pain to his patients.

Dr. Smith is an expert in the use of ultrasound imaging and injections for the diagnosis and treatment of joint, ligament, and tendon pathology. He has safely performed over 10,000 image-guided procedures and now uses delivery techniques gleaned over decades to precisely place regenerative cells for optimal growth and repair.

He serves on the faculty at several national conferences, and he is followed on LinkedIn by over 2000 medical professionals. He is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and licensed to practice in Ontario, New York, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

Eterna Health has developed protocols to synergistically combine peptides with MSCs. We can increase the anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and regenerative benefits. by combining our MSCs with Thymosin alpha-1, and we are able to get a more potent immunomodulatory effect.

Meet Dr. Ted Hoyda, M.D., PhD, FRCSC

Regenerative Urologist at Eterna Health

A pioneering figure in the new field of regenerative urology, Dr. Ted Hoyda brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to Eterna. His journey began with a prestigious background in Urologic Sciences, graduating from the University of British Columbia’s top-tier program in 2019. 

But even before shaping the future of urology, Dr. Hoyda was pioneering advancements in neuroscience. His groundbreaking PhD work in Electroneurophysiology at Queen’s University in 2009 led to the development of a novel technology for measuring synaptic currents in living brain neurons while simultaneously detailing their unique molecular and genetic signatures. 

This work significantly enhanced our understanding of how hormones influence electrical signaling in brain areas pivotal for feeding and energy homeostasis. Following his PhD, Dr. Hoyda further honed his medical expertise at the Cumming School of Medicine, graduating in 2014.

At Eterna, Dr. Hoyda’s focus on Regenerative Urology is at the forefront of medical innovation. Utilizing a unique blend of stem cells, gene therapy, and biologics, his aim is to transform the treatment landscape for genitourinary tract diseases. His approach is not just about treating diseases but about rewriting the narrative of urologic healthcare. By integrating state-of-the-art rejuvenation technologies, he is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all patients, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in urologic health and longevity.

Dr. Hoyda’s personal mission is deeply rooted in the advancement of technology for challenging urologic conditions. His commitment to genital rejuvenation and the treatment of complex urologic diseases is unwavering. He envisions a future where rejuvenation technologies are not just accessible, but a cornerstone in enhancing peak physiology, longevity, and health span for his patients. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, Dr. Hoyda is not just practicing medicine; he is shaping the future of regenerative urology and committed to setting a new standard in patient care.


Meet Dr. Russell Uppal, M.D.

Acute Injuries and Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Russell Uppal completed his medical training at the University of Ottawa and completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Toronto. With a passion for education, he is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor (adjunct) at McMaster University and teaches University of Toronto students. His audiences include medical students and residents both in the classroom and clinical settings and has been nominated for numerous faculty teaching awards.  

Dr. Uppal is a member of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. His interest in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, is rooted in his personal experiences after regenerative medicine played a key role in his restoring his own health. In addition to his sports medicine practice, Dr. Uppal also divides his clinical time with the emergency department in Toronto.  As an Emergency Medicine Physician for over 6 years, he has significant exposure and skills in managing both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Dr. Uppal also has a special interest and training in ultrasound-guided procedures and orthobiologics. His pursuit of excellence in the field continues, as he is pursuing his Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Western University in association with the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic. His aptitude in the field has allowed him Team Physician opportunities, and he is looking forward to working alongside athletes internationally, in the future. 

His passion for sports and regenerative medicine, coupled with his advance critical care experience, makes Dr. Uppal a valuable asset in our approach to providing excellence in patient care.

Eterna Health is accelerating the world's transition to the next generation of regenerative medicine by combining cell therapy, gene editing and tissue engineering.

Meet Dr. Helge Schmitz, MBBS.

Dr. Schmitz grew up in Canada from age 7-12, and went on to graduate from Deutschordengymnasium in Bad Mergentheim, Germany. He served from 1989-1991 in military service in Munich, Germany with the Paramedics and as a career as a Reserve Officer. Helge attended Medical School at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Wuerzburg, Germany from 1991-1998, and then continued to work in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Wuerzburg studying under Professor Dr. Med. Jochen Eulert from 1998-2000.

Dr. Schmitz is a specialist on shoulder and knee surgery.

Beginning on 2001, Dr. Schmitz began working in Departments for Orthopedic surgery, and from 2006-2019 worked in Freiburg, Germany as a partner in the Praxisklinik Zaehringen, Athletikum Group as an orthopedic specialist. Over the next decade, Dr. Schmitz worked as the Head of Arthroscopic Surgery at Krankenhaus Salem and performed surgeries in his private practice at the Ethianum Clinic, both located in Heidelberg, Germany. 

From 2019 – 2022, Helge had an associated partnership with Dr. med. Michael Lehmann and Professor Dr. med. Felix Zeifang. He proudly became the Head of Shoulder Surgery for the Fontana Clinic in Freiburg, Germany and is now working as a Doctor of the Reuter Clinic in Dubai, UAE. He also frequents the Dubai London Hospital in Dubai, and the Bioscience Clinic Middle East.

Dr. Helge speaks German and English. He is a member of DVSE, AGA, MWE, and BVOU. Helge specializes in arthoscopic shoulder and knee surgery, manual orthopedic medicine/chirotherapy, and extracorporal shock wave therapy.

Meet Dr. Sunny Gandhi, D.C

Chiropractor, Neuro Functional Sports Practitioner, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Dr. Gandhi is an innovative practitioner, specializing in performance optimization, career longevity and injury recovery.

As a graduate of D’Youville Chiropractic College, Dr. Gandhi provides unparalleled treatments through his unique combination of soft tissue techniques, such as Active Release (ART), Functional Range Systems (FRS) with Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and joint manipulation to optimize his results. Years of academic and hands-on experience have catapulted his expertise to the front of his field, making him the go-to practitioner for some of the most complicated cases among NCAA, Olympic and professional athletes in the NFL, PSA, and NHL.

Meet Dr. Bronwyn Mahtani, M.D.

Integrative Pediatrician specializing in nutritional and environmental medicine

Dr. Bronwyn Mahtani is a board certified pediatrician and adolescent medicine physician who from a young age has been fascinated with an integrative approach to healing and internal optimization of our own integral system’s biology. 

She moved on to focus on a functional approach to treat children and adolescents. Dr. Mahtani focuses on eating disorders, children with autism and behavioural disorders.

She realized conventional medicine (drug cocktails of antidepressants designed to modify the brain’s hunger centre) do not treat the root cause of illness. She focuses on the unique biochemistry of each individual to optimize their biology.

Dr. Mahtani’s clinic expertise includes chronic conditions and all secondary health effects of those in recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating  and weight management issues that have affected gastrointestinal, endocrine health, hormone health and cardio metabolic health.

Dr. Mahtani has expanded the knowledge of traditional bioidentical hormone therapy to include cutting edge advancements in bioidentical training from the American Academy for Anti-aging (A4M ) Women’s Hormones Advanced BHRT Symposium. She has also taken the endocrinology module within American Academy of Anti-Aging Fellowship, which focuses on hormonal changes that manifest in both men and women through the aging process, endocrine disruptors and ways to detoxify and assist with healthy body metabolism of hormones, while providing a model of whole person care in the context of hormone replacement therapy.

In her free time she practices yoga (in pyjamas), loves to laugh up a storm with friends and family and has an affinity for horses, surfing and architecture . She’s not sure if she’s a cat or a dog person but is sure she’s an animal person.

Dr. Mahtani is currently being trained for her fellowship by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), which is the established global leader for continuing medical education in functional medicine, longevity medicine, metabolic resilience, and whole-person care. 

Stay young, and stay alive because the future looks bright!