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“Lifechanging is just the beginning of the outcome…”

Chronic Pain/Arthritis

Tammy Peterson

Chronic lower back pain/disc rupture


Anxiety/panic attacks


Painful Bladder Syndrome

Leslie Cote

Follistatin Gene Therapy

Devon Larratt

Anxiety/panic attacks


High Hemoglobin

Dorian Hamilton

Frozen Shoulder/Arthritis

Joan MacDonald

“Doctor. This damn SGB has been the best and simultaneously the most problematic thing I have ever done.😂 I’ve never had more clarity and also been more confused in my entire life. Like 27 years of blockages are being cleared and memories are flooding in…my body is in a safe enough space to process them. 

It is literally altering the way I see the world, myself, and challenging ALL the beliefs I’ve formed. I’ve had numerous HUGE epiphanies because of the memories that come flooding in. I literally need to hire a completely new type of therapist because I’m seeing gaps I had NO IDEA I had.

This has been incredible AND it scares the life outta me cause I can see there is a LOT of work to do if I want to reach the next levels of success. This procedure needs to come with a disclaimer like “will flip your world upside down”😂

Jokes aside. I’m grateful. I’m terrified. But so grateful…”

"Dr Khan and his staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful."

“I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Dr Khan has treated multiple areas for me and made my quality of life so much better! Thank you to him for giving me a second pain free life!”

“I’ve lived with chronic pain in my shoulders and mid back for over 15 years. I’ve tried many different ways to manage the pain including an ongoing reliance on massage therapy, chiropractors, strength and stability training, yoga and stretching. Dr. Adeel is very professional, he was able to determine the pain was caused by nerve entrapments, not a muscular tear. I had three shots of nerve hydro dissection, one on my neck, one on upper trap shoulder, and one in mid back. I’ve felt so relieved ever since the treatment and am very happy with the results. I am so grateful to Dr. Adeel Khan for changing my life.”

Dr. Khan Patient Testimonial

"Sunny has been life changing for me, and has helped me avoid two surgeries."

“When i came to hun my goal was simply to get back to being pain free i never even thought about playing hockey again, however i have returned to my childhood sport pain free thanks to Dr.G!”

“Eterna Health did an unbelievable job with my procedure! Dr. Kahn and his team made me feel extremely comfortable the entire time! As a whole, they are the smartest team, the best people, and they care so much about helping others!”

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Adel ChoufaniAdel Choufani
18:48 09 Sep 23
My experience with Dr. Sunny has been transformative. Before I started seeing Dr. Sunny, I had been struggling with pain and discomfort for years. I had tried various treatments and chiropractors, but nothing seemed to provide long-lasting relief.From my first visit with Dr. Sunny, I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He provided me with instant relief and I continued to see him every couple weeks. Over the course of several months of regular visits and at home mobility exercises that he provided me with, I began to notice a significant improvement.I am grateful for the positive impact he has had on my health, and I highly recommend Dr. Sunny to anyone seeking chiropractic care. I’ve referred him to my family, my parents and my friends. His approach, combined with his exceptional skills, has made a world of difference.
John AushanaJohn Aushana
18:47 30 Aug 23
Great experience..had an injury that just wouldn't heal correctly until I came here. Amazing place
Mosabik KMosabik K
19:30 23 Aug 23
Aleks PopovicAleks Popovic
17:47 21 Aug 23
I came in to see Dr. Sunny after having the worst lower back pains and not getting out of bed for days and after the first treatment I was able to get back to work. I had a sporting injury a year after and Dr. Sunny helped me right away, I recommend him to anyone and everyone that has issues!
Joseph LeJoseph Le
01:17 08 Aug 23
Aaron BalgoaAaron Balgoa
20:25 28 Jul 23
I was suffering from a hip and ankle problem for a little while. Visited Dr. Sunny as he was recommended by a family member. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about his work. I was able to work out with little to no pain after. He didn’t just treat my hip and ankle but he also suggested at home exercises to strengthen them. I would highly recommend Sunny for any chiropractor or injury related issues. Thank you Sunny!
16:55 27 Jul 23
I have been going to see Dr. Sunny for a while now and he truly works wonders. He will sit you down and proactively workout a plan with you on your journey to recovery. Several ankle and back problems of mine have been fixed by Dr. Sunny.Because of him I didn’t have to take cortisone shots and my recovery was completely drug free.He doesn’t want to just make you feel good for a couple of days he wants you to be better forever.As I said prior he will sit you down workout a plan with you from the amount of visits, exercises you have to do on your own and also the span of how many visits it would take to get you back to your normal self or even better.He is truly the best.
Dr Khan and his staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Dr Khan has treated multiple areas for me and made my quality of life so much better! Thank you to him for giving me a second pain free life
Phillipe HuynhPhillipe Huynh
02:38 26 Jul 23
I’ve been going to Dr. Ghandi for about two years now for my low back injury. After multiple sessions I am now pain free. He is very understanding and caring about my health. One of the things that I like about him is that he always making sure I do my self-care at home. Highly recommended if your looking for an amazing Chiropractor!!