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Regenerative medicine experts trusted by top NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and IFBB professional athletes.

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Our cutting-edge stem cell therapy is designed to help you live longer, look younger, and feel better. We offer the world’s most effective anti-aging program, combining the power of intravenous stem cells and follistatin gene therapy.

Our stem cell therapy restores normal function to damaged tissues and organs by repairing or replacing them with new, fully functional cells and tissues. Embrace a revitalized life with Eterna's innovative stem cell therapy.

In combination with Viswanathan lab, we have intellectual property on how to select a potent mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC).

Eterna Health also has IP on how to select the right patient for osteoarthritis using molecular endotype + clinical phenotype to ensure we identify patients that are responders to MSC therapeutics.

Transcending Health Boundaries with Dr. Adeel Khan

Eterna Health’s Dr. Adeel Khan is recognized as a global leader in regenerative medicine. He has treated Royal Families, celebrities, world champions and many elite athletes.

“I’ve lived with chronic pain in my shoulders and mid back for over 15 years. I’ve tried many different ways to manage the pain including an ongoing reliance on massage therapy, chiropractors, strength and stability training, yoga and stretching. Dr. Adeel is very professional, he was able to determine the pain was caused by nerve entrapments, not a muscular tear. I had three shots of nerve hydro dissection, one on my neck, one on upper trap shoulder, and one in mid back. I’ve felt so relieved ever since the treatment and am very happy with the results. I am so grateful to Dr. Adeel Khan for changing my life.”

Dr. Khan Patient Testimonial

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We combine gene therapy, cellular therapy, and peptides to help you feel and look young, have more energy and become pain free.

White-glove regenerative medicine services.

Our clinics provide white-glove service. From our initial consultation, travel and accommodation, our in-clinic treatment, and our beautiful gift bags upon your departure, everything is 5 star.

We have the ability to change what it means to age.

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