Marc-Olivier Vinet received treatment from Dr. Khan in March of 2024 in Eterna Health's Los Cabos clinic.

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Montreal University Student Suffering with Long COVID for 3 Years Returns to Regular Life Following Eterna Exosome/Peptide Treatment

Written by: Maleeha Sheikh, Director of PR and Communications
Marc-Olivier Vinet shares his story with Eterna Health.
Marc-Olivier Vinet shares his story with Eterna Health.

“I had a lot of dizziness. I couldn’t continue to drive because even just walking, doing sports… everything… I was just dizzy,” shares Quebec native Marc-Olivier Vinet.

The 23-year-old first got COVID back in March of 2020. He had mild symptoms for about 10 days but eventually felt like himself. However, when he got COVID for the second time nearly a year later in 2021, he felt so ill that eventually he had to take a semester off from university and move back in with his parents.

“After a couple of weeks, I started to feel really really tired. I thought oh maybe I caught another virus, but the feeling of tiredness never went away. I started having palpitations. I was also unable to do sports at that time because I was out of breath,” says Marc following his second diagnosis of COVID.

Marc grew up as an athlete. Being active played a significant role in his lifestyle. The university student played sports, ran and worked out on a regular basis.

He had a clean bill of health and didn’t suffer from any chronic illnesses, which is why he wasn’t expecting to get such severe symptoms.

“I never wanted to be a vaccine injury doctor or a Long COVID doctor but it just kind of started happening because these patients have nowhere else to go,” shares Dr. Adeel Khan, the CEO and Founder of Eterna Health.

Despite medical professionals telling Marc he had Long COVID, he isn’t sure if getting the vaccine made his symptoms worse. He got the Moderna vaccinations a few months before his second diagnosis of COVID.

“Long COVID and vaccine injury can overlap because sometimes we don’t know which one is which. They could’ve gotten COVID and that caused the symptoms and the vaccine made it worse or vice versa,” shares Dr. Khan.

Marc visited several doctors when his symptoms became unbearable. He lost about 20 pounds during this time. He says his family doctor told him to stop working and recommended some over-the-counter medication to help with the pain but it didn’t work.

Marc then went to see a physiotherapist. When those visits proved to be unsuccessful, he escalated the matter to a cardiologist as well as a neurologist.

“Everyone just said nothing is really wrong because they would just focus on one symptom and not connect it to anything else,” says Marc.

After multiple failed attempts of getting help through the traditional medical system, Marc started doing his own research and discovered Dr. Khan, who was taking a completely different approach through regenerative medicine.

Marc-Olivier Vinet received treatment from Dr. Khan in March of 2024 in Eterna Health's Los Cabos clinic.
Marc-Olivier Vinet received treatment from Dr. Khan in March of 2024 in Eterna Health’s Los Cabos clinic.

“We try to treat the root cause, which is the immune system,” says Dr. Khan. “How do we reboot the body to be like it was before the vaccine and that’s the approach we’re taking. It’s not easy, but we have some methods and protocols we’ve developed that have been effective,” says Dr. Khan.

Marc visited Dr. Khan’s clinic in Los Cabos this past March (2024). He received IV exosome therapy to treat his cognitive fog. Exosomes help with neuro inflammation by crossing the blood-brain barrier and also assist in reducing chronic inflammation throughout the body. Marc received the Stellate Ganglion/ Vagus Nerve Block Injections, which help to reboot one’s nervous system.

Dr. Khan also put him on a very specific peptide therapy: Thymosin Alpha1, MOTS-c and Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP) nasal spray that helps increase blood flow to the brain. This combination of treatment successfully improved all of his symptoms just a few weeks later! A welcome shock after years of no relief.

Marc feels like he has his life back.

“I train every day. I go to all of my classes. Brain fog has practically disappeared,” says Marc. “Just being able to do sports again, being active, seeing friends… it’s just amazing.”

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